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March 22, 2015

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TravelTalkRADIO Welcomes:
Mona Naffa from STI-Jordan
shares a few minutes with
Sandy this week! Listen HERE
Hashem Sayegh, Christopher’s Dad and Jordan “Tour Guide” for the cast
and crew of The Hurt Locker
Meet 'Beckham"
Christopher Sayegh, Actor
(“Beckham” in
The Hurt Locker)

BusinessTravelRADIO Welcomes
Harry Chen,
President of Joy Holiday and National Tour Association Member

Sandy named One of the top
20 travel bloggers
by USA Today.
Here is
her Blog


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TravelTalkRADIO and

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TravelTalkRADIO Show
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Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

Welcome to TravelTalkRADIO

Today we will have some fun with our friend Mona Naffa and her family friends. Actually the interview with family friends includes actor Christopher Sa and his Dad which was recorded when Hurt Locker opened at theaters.

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6min 30sec

Thanks for joining us! Buckle your seatbelt for another informative program!

Mona Naffa - Jordan Tourism STI-Jordan, MONACO Business Development

First Generation Americans working for Peace and Tourism.

Mona and I sat down to talk about Jordan and why this country is important. From the top down we see a country filled with compassion, freedom and the will to stay fair and neutral.

We invite you to listen to this discussion recorded this week.

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approx 8min


Hashem Sayegh and Christopher Sayegh - Part of the Jordanian Film growth
(recorded earlier)

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Jordan Scores Big with
The Hurt Locker

Hashem Sayegh, Christopher’s Dad and Jordan “Tour Guide” for the cast and crew of The Hurt Locker.

A businessman on vacation with his family at the Dead Sea, Hashem suddenly becomes a “Stage Dad” when his son, Christopher, is chosen to play a part in a major Hollywood film. Typical Jordanian hospitality rules the day as Hashem offers to show the cast and crew the national treasures and quickly becomes “tour guide to the stars.”

Meet 'Beckham"
Christopher Sayegh
, Actor (“Beckham” in The Hurt Locker)

Discovered playing a piano on vacation, Christopher befriends cast and crew of The Hurt Locker, is promptly selected to audition for the role of “Beckham” and is awarded the part over several hundred cast aspirants. A marathon athlete, Boy Scout, and now a critically acclaimed cast member of an epic motion picture, we’ll find out what’s next on Christopher’s radar. He was only 15 at the time of the filming!

Sandy Dhuyvetter  Executive Producer and Host

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approx 5 min

Time to wrap up TravelTalkRADIO, fun and interesting.
Please, take a listen.

- 6
Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host
Harry Chen, President Joy Holiday

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6min 30sec

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approx 43 min

Welcome to BusinessTravelRADIO!

I am excited about today's program. We have seen great excitement about tourism and travel in and out of China these past years. Today we connect with a tour operator who has feet in both east and the west.

We will examine what it takes to successfully put together an operation that balances between participation in industry associations and initiatives and understanding the ins and outs of the inbound and the outbound market between China and the US.

Mr Harry Chen of Joy Holidays joins me to talk about how the National Tour Association helped him make his China connection a reality and why the China market is hotter than ever.

National Tour Association held it's Travel Exchange this year in New Orleans. Harry was in attendance and is very active in the China Initiative through the NTA.

The National Tour Association

Harry is the President of Joy Holidays in the
San Francisco Bay Area.


Informative Interview with Harry Chen at TravelPulse.
Click HERE

Coming to Jordan? Let STI Middle East manage your trip from arrival to departure.

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Join Sandy with Tom Popper, President of A believer who is now in the position to help US travelers experience Cuba. Take a listen!

Tourism Travel Guide Lonely Planet announces its Top Ten Destinations for 2014 –
Seychelles is listed as Paradise within Reach


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