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TravelTalkRADIO and
October 19, 2014

A fresh look at Travel and Healthy Lifestyles

- Celebrating music - Budgeting Vacations

Sandy welcomes Fares Srouji,
Lead Singer for James the Crystal Band
Trae Bodge, Editor for Real Deal by RetailMeNot

 - Disruptive Passengers
Travel Buyers looking to satisfy passengers

Sandy welcomes Phil Baum, GreenLight Founder and
DISPAX World 2014 Organizer
Peter Kane,
North America Marketing Communications Manager AirPlus International

A fresh look at Travel
and Healthy Lifestyles
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TravelTalkRADIO and

Approx 1 hr 34min

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TravelTalkRADIO Show

Approx 47 min

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BusinessTravelRADIO Show

Approx 47 min

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SEGMENT 1- Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host TravelTalkRADIO

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approx 6min 30sec

Welcome to TravelTalkRADIO

We are excited to be talking about a trip of a lifetime that will be unforgettable. Sailing tall ships is not new, but Star Clippers offers something that is unique and personal. Listen to Bill Dwyer from Star Clippers talk about his love of water and how this 'job' is a dream come true.

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Bill Dwyer, Director of Sales and Marketing Star Clippers Americas

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approx 24 min

Sail Away on a Tall Ship for a Tall Adventure

How many people do you know who feel they have the job of a lifetime? You will meet one today in Bill Dwyer. Bill truly feels like he should pinch himself daily knowing he is representing one of the most fantastic experiences in travel, sailing on a tall ship.

Join us as we discover many aspects to a typical trip including the affordability, the personal service and the majestic arrivals into each port. You don't want to miss this informative conversation.

Brian Anderson, Editor-at-large Sunset Magazine

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approx 14

Sunset Magazine Honors Western US Travel Companies

Join me as we get to know one of the iconic magazines of the Southwest USA. Sunset magazine well over 100 years old is still relevant and timely.

I grew up with this magazine and I know that it inspired my Mom and Dad who built homes throughout Southern California. The magazine is filled with landscape, building and travel ideas and now they are giving awards to amazing travel experiences in the 13 Western States.

Brian became Editor at Large earlier this year. Previously, he had been editor in chief of VIA, a bimonthly travel magazine for 3.3 million AAA households in eight Western states, and of Stanford, a quarterly magazine that earned two Robert Sibley Awards as the best university publication in the U.S. during his five years at the helm.  Let's celebrate Sunset!

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BusinessTalkRADIO   SEGMENT 1
Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer and Host

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8 min

Welcome to BusinessTravelRADIO!

The Middle East and the Silk Road region are sometimes confused with each other in terms of opportunity, safety and availability. Today we will take some extra time to discover Uzbekistan.
Be sure to join us on to review other programing and the latest in trends and news in the travel industry.

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Agha Iqrar Haroon, Professor of tourism, expert in Pakistan travel

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approx 36 min

We welcome back Agha Iqrar Harron to BusinesTravelRADIO to discuss the Silkroad region.

Our friend and tourism expert from Pakistan, Agha Iqrar Harron joins us to talk about the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) meeting he attended in Uzbekistan this month.

While Pakistan has it's challenges in tourism, Uzbekistan is proving to overcome negativity while the voices of leaders within the country are vibrant and full of hope that this land locked region is indeed open for business.

Let's take a look within this discussion. Join us!

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